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Database servers management


FASTPANEL® can manage local database servers as well as external ones. By default FASTPANEL® comes with a standard set of software, which always includes MySQL server.

If needed, PostgreSQL server can be installed after the FASTPANEL® installation. As soon as PostgreSQL is installed, it will be automatically added to the panel settings.

Additional (external) DBMS servers can be connected using the menu section "Settings" → "Databases"

Database management menu in FASTPANEL

Click "Database servers"

Database servers management in FASTPANEL

More detailed information about external database connection you can find here.

Database server settings management

FASTPANEL® allows to edit configuration of local database servers through the panel’s interface. To do this open settings menu → "Databases" → "Database servers" → "Configure variables"

Edit database server settings in FASTPANEL

In the window that opens you may configure new values for server parameters or set up new default values:

Edit MySQL settings in FASTPANEL


Database server settings management is only possible for local database servers.

Where can I find the local MySQL server root password?

When MySQL is installed, its root password is stored in /root/.my.cnf file on your server.


The file isn't available from FASTPANEL®. It can only be accessed via SSH or SFTP.