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Why do I need SFTP if there is a simple FTP?

FTP protocol is the most popular one among Internet users as it simplifies file transfer.

Unfortunately it does not have any protection as long as SSL/TLS is not used. In the event when traffic is sniffed via MITM, data can easily be compromised.

SFTP exists as an alternative to FTP

Some theory:

SFTP was developed to make file transfer secure.

It was designed to be platform independent which makes possible to used on any OS.

Most commonly SFTP works over SSH that removes all encryption responsibilities from it.

Its main task is to work with files.

What are the advantages of SFTP?

  • Ensuring full security of all information transferred.
  • Ability to transfer metadata (such as file modification time).
  • Easy to use when setting up firewalls
  • Supported by most file transfer clients (FileZilla, WinSCP)

How does SFTP implemented into FASTPANEL®?

Whenever OpenSSH is installed you may connect to your server via SFTP by using a system user. In this case aside from SFTP access the user will be granted an SSH access as well.

FASTPANEL® uses mod_sftp for proFTPd server that allows SFTP access without full SSH access and rights to create additional OS users.


FASTPANEL® uses non-typical port 2222 for SFTP connections.

How to enable SFTP in FASTPANEL?

It is fairly easy. First of all simply install SFTP module in the "Application" menu.

Applications management menu in FASTPANEL Install SFTP in FASTPANEL

After the installation SFTP menu will appear in sites cards where SFTP accounts can be controlled

SFTP accounts management in FASTPANEL