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How to create a new website


This article will guide you through how to create a site in FASTPANEL®.


We recommend to create a separate user for each new website.

Creating a website

To create a new site, start the Site Creation Wizard by clicking the "Create site" button on the right side of the screen.

Create a new website in FASTPANEL

This will open the Site Creation Wizard. The whole process contains three steps:

  • Domain connection
  • Setting up php and database
  • Backup setup

Create a site manually in FASTPANEL

You can configure following settings:

  • User's credentials
  • PHP settings
  • Database settings
  • Backup plans
  • FTP access
  • SFTP access

New site configuration in FASTPANEL

Follow the Wizard instructions and complete the site creation.


Be sure to save the database and FTP account access data in a safe place

You can also "View", "Download" or "Send" the access data to your site:

New website access data in FASTPANEL