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Static content


FASTPANEL® allows to configure the parameters for serving static content by the server, such as images, CSS files, video files and others.

Configuring Static Content Processing

To manage static content processing:

  1. Go to the Site card
  2. Select "Settings" section
  3. Open "Static content" menu

Website options menu in FASTPANEL

In this menu you can manage static content processing by a web-server for the site. They are as follows:

  • Enabling/disabling compression (Gzip)
  • Setting gzip compression level (from 1 to 9) where 1 is the weakest compression and 9 is the strongest.
  • Configuring the caching time for static files in days (0 - no caching)
  • List of file extensions that web server will process as static content

Static files settings in FASTPANEL


It is recommended not to set the compression level greater than 5. Due to the reason that the greater the compression level is, the higher the CPU load is on your server