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Troubleshooting common problems

404 error in browser when accessing control panel

If you encounter this error, check for the presence of the fastpanel2 package, which might have been removed by the OS package manager to resolve dependencies when installing other software.

For Debian/Ubuntu:

dpkg -l | grep fastpanel2

For CentOS/Alma/Rocky:

rpm -qa | grep fastpanel2

The output should include a package named fastpanel2.

If the package has indeed been removed, you can reinstall it:

For Debian/Ubuntu:

apt install fastpanel2

For CentOS/Alma/Rocky:

yum install fastpanel2

Please note that installing fastpanel2 will result in the removal of previously installed software that caused the issue.

Certificate issuance may fail if the domain for which the certificate is being issued is present in the /etc/hosts file in lines beginning with:

To successfully issue the certificate, remove the domain from these lines in the /etc/hosts file.

"Unable to execute /path/to/php -f /path/to/file" error occurs when accessing global PHP settings

The error Unable to execute /path/to/php -f /path/to/file occurs when overriding certain PHP directives globally.

To resolve this issue, it is recommended to move these changes to the PHP settings of the website. The PHP settings of the website are accessible from the website's card.

ProFTPD error message: "warning: unable to determine IP address of '%hostname'"

The error warning: unable to determine IP address of '%hostname' occurs when starting the ProFTPD FTP server if the server's hostname cannot be resolved to an IP address.

To resolve this error, specify a valid hostname for the server. It is recommended to use a third-level domain, for example,

You can specify the hostname with the following command:

hostnamectl hostname YOUR_DOMAIN

where YOUR_DOMAIN is the desired hostname.

.htaccess site rules are not working

It's likely that the site's PHP handler is set to PHP-FPM, which ignores the contents of .htaccess files.

To make .htaccess files work, you'll need to select CGI, FastCGI, or Apache as the handler.

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate Y bytes)" error in the website logs

The error occurs due to scripts in PHP exceeding the memory consumption limit.

Typically, this is resolved by increasing the memory_limit parameter in the PHP settings of the website.

Additionally, this parameter's value can be overridden in .htaccess files or directly within the PHP scripts themselves.

PHP-FPM services are not starting

The PHP-FPM services in the Settings -> Services menu are in a Stopped state, and attempting to start them results in an error Unable to start the service.

PHP-FPM services are started automatically and can only be managed if a service with a specific PHP version is connected to a website. If the PHP-FPM service with a specific PHP version is not connected to any website, it cannot be started.

Changing upload limits for phpMyAdmin and the file manager in FASTPANEL

You can change the file upload limits in the menu Settings -> Main -> Other.
Enter your desired value in the Maximum file upload size (MB) field.

Other issues

If you did not find a solution to the issue with FASTPANEL in this article, please contact our support service. We will be happy to help you!