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User control


FASTPANEL® is a multi-user control panel that allows you to use the following benefits:

  • Differentiation of access to the server
  • Individual file permissions
  • Individual settings and access levels to the control panel for each user
  • Ensuring non-proliferation of infection in the event of hacking one of the users

User control

Working with users (creating, deleting, editing) is done in the "Users" section

Users management menu in FASTPANEL

This section contains a list of all users available to the current user that was created in the control panel

List of users in FASTPANEL

For each user the following actions are possible:

  • Change user password
  • Enter the control panel with the rights of a specific user
  • Temporary block/unblock a user
  • Edit user settings
  • Delete a user

User creation form

It is required to fill in the following fields to create a user:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Role - user or reseller
  • Maximum sites allowed
  • Quota - disk space usage limitation for a user

Add new user in FASTPANEL

User edit form

The following settings can be edited in the User Edit menu:

  • Maximum sites limit
  • PHP version used in command-line interface of the selected user
  • Quota

Edit an existing user in FASTPANEL

How to change a user password?

There are several ways to change a password for a user:

  • By clicking "Change password" in the "Users" section of the FASTPANEL®
  • There are two more ways to change the user password via SSH. Via default Linux utility passwd or via mogwai utility:
passwd {user_name}
mogwai chpasswd -u {user_name} -p {password}

Who can create new users?

In FASTPANEL®, except by super administrator user, new users can be created by a user with a Reseller role.

To create a Reseller user, in the user creation menu select "Reseller" in the Role field. In this case, additional fields will become active: "Create users" and "Acceptable number of users".

Create a user with a site

Another way to create users.

On the second step of the site creation wizard, you can choose to create a new user. In this case, you can also specify a disk quota for the new user. Password will be generated automatically. Login and password information will be shown after the site is created.

Edit new user settings in site creation wizard in FASTPANEL Configure new user in site creation wizard in FASTPANEL

Can I connect to my server via SSH with the rights of the control panel user?

Each FASTPANEL® user is also an OS user which means you can connect via SSH to your server using the credentials of a control panel user.

In the user edit menu, you can specify a PHP version that will be used as the default for the user in the SSH session.