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Server administration

Do you need help with administration?

We can assist you with software setup and installation, troubleshooting and diagnostics, and other issues. Benefits of using our technical support:

  • Save your time and nerves
  • Our team consists of highly experienced professionals
  • You’ll be in contact with real people
  • Average response time is less than 30 minutes
  • We are available 24/7

How does the interaction work?

  1. You submit a request
  2. We assess the scope of work
  3. We approve the list of tasks and the cost
  4. Once we receive payment, we start working

List of services provided:

Assistance with migrating from other control panels

  • Data and settings transfer from another panel to FASTPANEL

Server management

  • OS updates (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Firewall configuration
  • Resetting root user password
  • Network interface configuration
  • Identifying service downtime causes
  • Server hardware diagnostics (disks, RAM, temperature)
  • Custom disk partitioning
  • RAID array assembly
  • Checking file systems for errors

Website management

  • Assistance with initial installation of popular CMSs (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, etc.)
  • Transferring websites from an external server (PHP only)
  • Cloning websites within one server
  • Deploying websites from archives
  • Identifying causes of website downtime
  • Resetting CMS administrator password
  • Creating website backups

Environment setup

  • Installing Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby for a project
  • Web server configuration assistance
  • OpenVPN/Wireguard setup
  • Installing other (non-FASTPANEL) control panels

Tasks we do not perform

  • Server/website protection against DDoS attacks
  • Cleaning websites/servers from malware
  • Making changes to website/project code
  • Configuring fully manual settings not related to FASTPANEL

If the required type of work is not listed in this document, the decision to add it is made by the technical support team on a case-by-case basis.


The cost of server administration services starts from 20 euros and depends on:

  • Task difficulty
  • Solving time spend

Order service

You can order the paid administration service in the billing panel.


Also, please review the terms of paid administration outlined in the agreement.