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How to reset password


FASTPANEL® provides two different ways to change any user’s password:

Changing password via FASTPANEL itself

This way is suitable if the previous password is known (the panel access isn’t lost).

To use this option you need to log in the FASTPANEL® and go to "Management" → "Users" menu, then click "Change Password"

Users management menu in FASTPANEL

Edit user settings in FASTPANEL

In the modal window that opens, enter your old password, and then enter a new one twice, and after that click the "Save" button

Change user password in FASTPANEL

Changing password via SSH

This way is suitable if the previous password is unknown (the panel access is lost). For changing password via SSH, old password is not required.

To use this option you need to:

  1. Connect to your server via SSH using your root-password:

  2. Use a command passwd user_name

    For example, to change the password of the user named fastuser, the command should look like:

    passwd fastuser

    After you run the command, it will require to enter and confirm a new password


    no characters will be displayed on the screen during entering and confirming a new password.

  3. If the password change was successful, you will get the following message:

    passwd: password updated successfully

    After that you may log in the panel using your new password