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Set panel address


In addition to standard access to FASTPANEL® by IP address, you can also set any domain or subdomain that is directed to your server with FASTPANEL® installed as the panel address.

To begin, please make sure that a valid A record exists for the domain name you want to use as your panel address. You can check this using the commands:





If the A record is correct, you will see the following output: has address $IP_ADDRESS

Where instead of $IP_ADDRESS the IP address of your server should be specified. If a different address is present, please correct it in your DNS provider’s account and wait for the DNS cache to update. This process usually takes 20 to 60 minutes.

Setting the panel address

To set one of your domains or subdomains as a panel address, go to “Settings” -> “Main” -> “Panel addresses” and click the blue “Add address” button.

Add panel address in FASTPANEL

In the next window, add the domain you want to use as the panel address and click "Save".

Specify panel address in FASTPANEL

After that FASTPANEL® will be available at an address:

Direct access

To configure direct access without specifying port 8888, click on the pencil icon next to the set panel address:

Configure direct access in FASTPANEL

Then activate the "Direct access" checkbox and select the IP addresses that you want to use for this domain name:

Select IP addresses in FASTPANEL

And click "Save".

SSL certificate for the panel address

For the panel address, you can issue a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, an existing paid certificate, or a self-signed certificate. To do this, click on the blue "SSL" text next to the panel address:

SSL certificate for panel address in FASTPANEL

Then in the window that opens, select the certificate type:

Certificate type in FASTPANEL

And click "Save".

If you have problems issuing a certificate from Let's Encrypt, please refer to this section of the documentation.

Also you can purchase a certificate from us. To do this, please read this article

Possible problems

Please note that it is better to use a domain that is not behind Cloudflare as the FASTPANEL® address, as this may cause problems with FASTPANEL® when accessed by domain name due to limits on the Cloudflare side.

If problems arise when using such a domain, please check whether they are reproduced when accessing the panel by IP address. If they are reproduced, please create a support ticket. If not, please disable proxying for the domain name used as your FASTPANEL® address in the Cloudflare DNS section.